Sell Yourself: Be Authentic When You Market Your Law Practice

For all its faults, full fat butter knows what it is, and embraces it.  Sure, there’s margarine.  And, there’s Olivio.  And, there’s probably something made from soy that would kill me.  But, if you’re a full fat butter consumer, full fat butter is here for you, whether you just like to do damage because that’s the way you throw down, or whether you’re a new school ‘natural foods’ enthusiast.  Full fat butter knows that there are myriad ways for it to sell itself, so long as full fat butter remains true to itself.  Full fat butter knows that it need not get all the butter-consuming clients, just a specific percentage of them.

Thank you, full fat butter.  Full fat butter, meet lawyers.  Lawyers often try to do too much in selling their products and services.  They try to be all things to all people, and they try to be something they are not: they’re trying to meet an idea of what they think lawyers should be like, rather than being themselves.  But, if you’re full fat butter, you should be full fat butter.  If you’re margarine, be margarine.  Or, be Olivio.  And, if you’re a soy product, be the soy product.

I think the reason why attorneys don’t act like themselves more often, is that they’re afraid of turning some people off.  But, you have to realize that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and that trying to do so turns you into wet toast, that nobody really likes.  So, be who you are, and don‘t worry about the haters.  Chances are, you’ll get more of the types of clients that you want, with whom you’ll develop more meaningful business relationships.

Like butter.