Gateway: How You Can Build a More Diversified Marketing Program

Trying something new is not easy.  Ever since cave people started becoming cave people by moving into caves, humans and pre-humans have sought comfort.  And, it’s the same thing with running a business.  Once you get into a groove (which an outsider might call a ‘rut’), it’s difficult to pull yourself out of it, and experiment.  Experimentation is the province of the bold; and boldness is certainly informed by desperation, in many cases.

But, you can also start going down a new path by taking the first step.  You’ve heard the term ‘gateway drug’ — well, in business, there’s a gateway drug for any business improvement tactic.  For example, lawyers love Microsoft Office, but fear the cloud.  Enter Microsoft Office 365.  Buy it, use it, see how similar it is to what you’ve used before, and get comfortable with cloud-based technology, in a familiar environment  Then, buy another cloud software product.  Then, do it again.  Pretty soon, you’re throwing your server out the window.

It’s the same with marketing. If you’re uncomfortable using social media, think of it as a global networking event instead of a web platform.  LinkedIn, in the main, features all the same people you’d meet at bar association or lawyers’ events; but, it’s even easier to get someone’s attention.  Just request a connection; no more awkward interruptions of ongoing conversations.  After a while, you’ll become a sought after connection yourself, as you watch your profile and post views rise.

But, this isn’t just a vanity play; the more people who see what you’re doing, the further your brand reaches, the more you increase the likelihood of additional targeted referrals and new client inquiries.  Modern marketing is more about breadth than depth.  The wider your profile extends, the more opportunities you have to make money.  The key to extending your online profile is to increase the number of platforms you use in as inexpensive a manner as possible.  That’s why free social media services and directory profiles are so essential to a cost-effective law firm marketing strategy.

The time to experiment is ongoing.  In business, stagnation is loss.  So, don’t wait for your practice to start flailing before you switch things up.  Try something new, experiment.  Become the first mover, for once, and reap the benefits.

Your gateway awaits you.