Toes: Pick A New Marketing Tactic This Quarter

One of the major problems law firms have in adding new marketing campaigns is that they’re so busy billing clients, and working on existing marketing campaigns, that they just can’t set aside the time to work on new projects.  This is further exacerbated by the fact that a number of law firm owners tend to be big picture thinkers — as in: they want the entire picture painted at once.  But, even Michelangelo didn’t paint every section of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the same time.

It may be that the biggest barrier to law firms refining their marketing platforms is getting started without becoming overwhelmed.  And, to do that, lawyers should seek to change their mindsets.  That begins with deciding on one thing to do.  So, if you’re teeming with brilliant ideas for building your brand — as most law firm owners are — the trick is to pick the best one, and launch it, while shelving all of the others . . . for now  Certainly, that’s not easy to do.  It kind of feels like neglecting one of your children.  But, the advantage is that you’ll be able to focus on one action item, without distraction, and move it forward in an uncluttered and coherent way.

Once you set up a new marketing platform, and establish a protocol for managing it, then it’s mostly a matter of reviewing data and acting on that data.  Is it working like you thought it would?  If so, is there a way to double down on what you’re already doing well?  If it’s not going so well, is there a way to revive it?  Or, is it time to pull the plug?  How much time will you allow a particular campaign to run before you decide whether it’s a success or a failure?  Regularly checking in on data, while making decisions based on trends, is an easier task, when viewed across the entirety of your marketing campaign, than the job of establishing a new marketing campaign — which is why you take on those latter projects one at a time.

So, figure out what your next project is.  Then, stop.  Then, do that one.  Then, rinse and repeat.