Gideon is the new way law firms connect with clients.

Convert more leads, save time and make more money with Gideon’s easy-to-use messaging, and predictive analytics platform


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Virtual Legal Assistant

Gideon chatbots work 24/7 to capture and qualify all online leads, automatically book meetings, route new clients to the right lawyer or staff person, and create new client matters. Gideon provides a complete bot building environment, making it easy to create a dynamic and engaging messaging system, and to dump the complex forms. 9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to converse with businesses -- including yours! 


Predictive Legal Analytics

Using a proprietary, predictive AI system, Gideon learns your firm’s preferences on particular case types, predicts case outcomes, expenses, and estimated staff utilization -- all before the fee agreement is signed. We access millions of data points to provide your law firm with the information you need to make the right decisions about which cases to take, refer, or reject and how best to allocate firm resources to specific cases. Stop guessing, start forecasting.


Marketing and Performance Metrics

Gideon provides real-time analytics and reports on key marketing and performance metrics. Access actionable insights on intake strategy, referral management, and client retention through Gideon’s robust dashboard. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, so you know what’s working, what’s not, and what changes you need to make. 




Access to Justice

Inspired by the Civil Gideon movement, advocating for the right to counsel for civil legal issues, we are committed to making legal help accessible and affordable for everyone. We have developed an AI-powered intake, triage, and referral platform specifically for the access to justice community. Gideon helps legal aid providers determine who should get what help, when, how, and by whom to maximize client outcomes per dollar spent. Contact us for more information.